Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heart of Drew Press collection

Introducing Drew Press Inc.s                                         
The heart of the letterpress collection

Featuring equipment handed down from teachers to  
students. Junior GosselleRobert F. PapaseJon Drew

 The original Plumbline Press was a private press started in 1951 by Minneapolis Southwest high school graphic arts teacher, Robert Felton Papas. Here is part of Bob’s Profile description as posted in the Briar Press register of private press names,

 “Plumbline Press originated in 1951, when I was in the 7th grade. My first press was a 2” x 3” Baltimore hand press and I had 4 cases of type. When I was in the ninth grade my dad bought me a 7” x 11” Pearl, which I have used until now.  Within the Masonic fraternity, a plumbline is the working tool of a past master.”

   Below is Bob Papas’ 1st press,  2” x 3"   Baltimore hand press. Given to him by his Father in 1953.

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