Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Showcard Proof Press Model ‘A’ .......SOLD

 Showcard Proof Press Model ‘A’ -- Manufactured by Showcard Machine Company, Chicago Illinois. USA. Circa 1950’s

This article copied from the Excelsior Press Museum, Proof Press section.
Notes about the Showcard--Vandercook Proof Press.

This “Mini-Vandercook” Showcard press is actually a standard proof press in every way. In fact we discovered that it was a Vandercook because it is identical in design to the Vandercook Model 99 proof press – same design, same bearings, ect. – Just quite a bit smaller. Fritz Klinke – current owner of the Vandercook/Vandersons name and records confirms a list of serial numbers assigned by Vandercook to these “Showcard” presses.

This press can be used to print from any sort of standard type, linotype, Ludlow, engravings, photopolymer plates – any standard type high .918 type or relief plate.

One additional feature of the Showcard, not found on the Model 99 and 01 “big brothers” is the gripped at one end which holds the sheet – or card in place – allowing for a form or register which makes this little press practical for short runs of ‘loose-register’ multi color work

The special Showcard type, is in fact, regular foundry type with a slot cut into the bottom.
The slot allows the type to fit over the square rods that form a removable, adjustable grid in the bed of the press. The Showcard Company expected that this press would be used to print small point-of-sale signs in department and grocery stores. To make their equipment appealing to non-printers they developed an easy system of composition wherein the ‘printer’ would simply lay the type on top of the adjustable grid system which held it in place. It’s rather clever, actually, but only needed if one has no idea how to set type or lock up a form.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

**Drew Press** offers custom duplex paper & more to letterpress printers.

What does your card sound like?

Drew Press uses old school bookbinding gluing techniques to create unique, one-of-a-kind papers and cardstocks for letterpress printers and graphic design creatives.

We can glue almost any weight paper. From 20# text to heavy chipboard & coaster stock, Even fabrics. Registered ‘spot-on’ to within a few thousands of an inch. In quantities from 1 to 10,000

Pictured is a lift of duplexed cards.
Printed 2-color, 2-sides.
Glued after printing.
With perfect registration.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Duplex & Beyond Letterpress stocks

 My card is printed on a sample of quintalplexed cardstock. Constructed using 3 sheets of soft, felt 80# text, paper. Sandwiched between 100# Crane Lettra & 110# smooth Classic Crest cover.
 This business card for Drew Press, Inc. is printed in 3 colors, 2 sided, that is 6 passes thru the press. Printed after gluing, without any bruising or show-through. This was printed using handset types on the text so I kept that impression light.

This side of the card was printed while it was still moist from the gluing process.
This allowed for deeper impression while not not wearing out the type. 
        Thats a lie, it took  a little of the edge off........................But I liked it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

'Mini' Pot Devin cold glue machine

Here is a video of a 'mini'  Pot Devin Labeler glue machine in action.

I picked this up from Paul Frank at Perfection Type. These machines originally were made for applying labels for mailing, But the modern letterpress resurgence has given these little beauties a new and creative life.

I'm gluing 2 sheets of 80# cover, 2 sheets of 100# cover & 2 of chipboard .26pt. It can run 20 pound paper with no problem. Really an amazing range of paper weights.

It is a wonderful machine for small in-shop projects and to take on the road for traveling workshops & classroom situations.