Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Example below of a triplex/sandwiched stock, printed after gluing. With no Bruising

Multiplexed papers add what could be called the 'thump' element of design. 

These puppies add real impact. Don't drop them on your toe.

Duplex is the gluing of two sheets of paper to make a thicker, unique, custom sheet which can show off the very best examples of modern letterpress technique.

There are many reasons for using duplex papers. Here are just a few;

The commercial letterpress artist will like the depth of impression that can be obtained by duplex  after  printing, thus eliminating the impression bruising or show-through.
The designer will like the fact that they can offer their clients a custom, unique, one-off, card.

The hobby & old school printers could enjoy both of these benefits. Or because their equipment or background training will not allow them to push the beastly impression of today’s fashion they have the added benefit of being able to  duplex  before printing without bruising or impression show-through.

Over 40 years letterpress experience and 15 years using bookbinding glues & machines will bring a sensitivity to your duplex or multiplex project unmatched in the letterpress community.

Our stocks will not delaminate or fall apart
We can glue any stock from 20# text up. Even fabrics to cardstock.
There is no limit to the number of sheets we can multiplex into one.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

**Drew Press** offers custom duplex paper & more to letterpress printers.

What does your card sound like?

Drew Press uses old school bookbinding gluing techniques to create unique, one-of-a-kind papers and cardstocks for letterpress printers and graphic design creatives.

We can glue almost any weight paper. From 20# text to heavy chipboard & coaster stock, Even fabrics. Registered ‘spot-on’ to within a few thousands of an inch. In quantities from 1 to 10,000

Pictured is a lift of duplexed cards.
Printed 2-color, 2-sides.
Glued after printing.
With perfect registration.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Duplex & Beyond Letterpress stocks

 My card is printed on a sample of quintalplexed cardstock. Constructed using 3 sheets of soft, felt 80# text, paper. Sandwiched between 100# Crane Lettra & 110# smooth Classic Crest cover.
 This business card for Drew Press, Inc. is printed in 3 colors, 2 sided, that is 6 passes thru the press. Printed after gluing, without any bruising or show-through. This was printed using handset types on the text so I kept that impression light.

This side of the card was printed while it was still moist from the gluing process.
This allowed for deeper impression while not not wearing out the type. 
        Thats a lie, it took  a little of the edge off........................But I liked it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

'Mini' Pot Devin cold glue machine

Here is a video of a 'mini'  Pot Devin Labeler glue machine in action.

I picked this up from Paul Frank at Perfection Type. These machines originally were made for applying labels for mailing, But the modern letterpress resurgence has given these little beauties a new and creative life.

I'm gluing 2 sheets of 80# cover, 2 sheets of 100# cover & 2 of chipboard .26pt. It can run 20 pound paper with no problem. Really an amazing range of paper weights.

It is a wonderful machine for small in-shop projects and to take on the road for traveling workshops & classroom situations.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

1885 Paragon Paper Cutter

January 2014. Paragon restoration. This cutter has been sold to Kim Burks of Omaha Nebraska.

Visit her site, watch the video to see the cutter in action...& buy a card or two.

Here is

This press is going to Monroe, Louisiana.
David bought this beauty for his Honey (S.B.)

Craftsman, Table top Letterpress. 8" x 12"

I hate to sell this press because good, strong, big table tops do not cross my path very often but I have some other projects that I need to fund.

This press is a brute….
One of the biggest and best table top presses ever made.
Bigger & stronger than a Pilot press
Perfect running condition. 
New rollers. 2 chase's. 
Mounted on a custom low-rider rolling work station, for easy leverage and feeding access.
Ready to print.....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hedy...the press...Update

Here is an update on a press I rescued. My good  friend and Printer Daniel Goscha answered the call and gave Hedy a new home, and a new life.

Read the original story here;

Here is the latest in what will be many stories to come as hedy's next life unfolds.