Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Example below of a triplex/sandwiched stock, printed after gluing. With no Bruising

Multiplexed papers add what could be called the 'thump' element of design. 

These puppies add real impact. Don't drop them on your toe.

Duplex is the gluing of two sheets of paper to make a thicker, unique, custom sheet which can show off the very best examples of modern letterpress technique.

There are many reasons for using duplex papers. Here are just a few;

The commercial letterpress artist will like the depth of impression that can be obtained by duplex  after  printing, thus eliminating the impression bruising or show-through.
The designer will like the fact that they can offer their clients a custom, unique, one-off, card.

The hobby & old school printers could enjoy both of these benefits. Or because their equipment or background training will not allow them to push the beastly impression of today’s fashion they have the added benefit of being able to  duplex  before printing without bruising or impression show-through.

Over 40 years letterpress experience and 15 years using bookbinding glues & machines will bring a sensitivity to your duplex or multiplex project unmatched in the letterpress community.

Our stocks will not delaminate or fall apart
We can glue any stock from 20# text up. Even fabrics to cardstock.
There is no limit to the number of sheets we can multiplex into one.