Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nice Paper cutters

Here are a few of the paper cutters that I have restored
and sold in the last year. The Advance on the bottom left went out to Boise Idaho.
The Reliance pictured center right went to Margo Ecke in Louisville Georgia.
And the left-handed Paragon in the center left is going to Mary Hark in Madison Wisconsin.
The bottom left went to Meg Gleason in Audubon Iowa.
The Advance in the top right will soon be in Delaplane Virginia

Some Peps who love my cutters..............................

"Well, it arrived and it is glorious. What a beauty! The restoration is
fabulous! I feel very lucky to call it my cutter. It will be a prized
possession. Thank you again for everything."

Hi Jon!
Thanks so so much for the message. (and the cutter of course!)

We got it home safely (no problems) and installed it in my press room on Sunday evening. It was much easier to move into the basement than the press. (I know what you are thinking....putting a C&P in a basement is nuts!) It cuts wonderfully! Thanks for taking good care of it. It is going to be a wonderful addition to Mōglea. Once I get some good photos of the shop, i'll send them to you. :)

It was quite a joy to meet you too. I loved talking with you about letterpress stuff. It's always fun to talk with someone who is passionate about letterpress + type. We couldn't have been happier with this transaction. Thanks for being so helpful! I will definitely let you know if I have questions!! Good luck with all your future letterpress endeavors! It sounds like you have some fun projects ahead of you!
Best, Meg